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I have worked with music as a teacher and performer throughout my life. My journey into the world of healing began at the millennium with Reiki, crystals and of course sound. Healing through sound soon became the core of my work which then brought in my own healing where a long running creative block was removed. I began writing my own material and when I took up the harp in 2003 I soon found myself integrating the harp within my Reiki sessions. I became more aware of the importance of harmonics within our own vibrations which take us to higher realms of being and have learned to listen to the music and wisdom that can be found within the core of every being. This is a beautiful journey, one which we can all take.

My desire to bring the concept of everything being connected into my work brought many gifts and I began putting together journeys with my harp, which soon developed into sound healing workshops. As I started to develop my story telling abilities I tried my hand at writing. After completing the first draft of my first book in just a few months I am now developing it into a trilogy each accompanied by a CD. Visit my ‘performances’ page to find where you can join me for the next performance .

As some of my creative work now comes with little conscious participation, in 2014 I found myself writing a play. This was written without preparation in a single stream of consciousness in 10 days and is quoted as having ‘transformative qualities’. I am aiming to fully stage this play after the launch of my first book in 2017.

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