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The Time of Reckoning

2016, what a year it’s been and Spring is only just raising its head. I’m calling it the year of reckoning though we probably could have called any of the past few years by the same name. But this really is the one. If we haven’t sorted any outstanding issues already now is the time.

I know I still have many skeletons in my closet, who can honestly say otherwise. Speaking and hearing my truth is probably the answer to most my issues though I know I can’t even get close until I start feeling my truth. Layer upon layer of life’s little challenges mean that there are many walls that I have put up between me and my real self to deal with my sense of separation with spirit. Neale Donald Walsh put it very clearly in his book ‘Communion With God’ where he explains the difference between our cultural understanding of a religious god and a spiritual one. As we are told through our religious stories that god is separate from us we deal with that in different ways. With the feeling of loss, fear and need to be able to return home, the possibility of failure leads to much judgement and pain. With these negative feelings we put up barriers between our selves and our heart as all feelings are too challenging and we gradually lose sense of our truth, who we really are. The painful illusion that we bring into being as we close down our powerful and beautiful being and replace it with a version of the ego completely detached from spirit, this dulled down lesser version ourselves, creates a world of lost souls.


So how to get back to where I know I want to be. A return to the heart means a journey back to the body, to the senses. I know I have been stuck in my head for so long and though I have talking about the journey to the heart for many years now, the journey is slow. I know also that that is not a bad thing. I have always said my journey is a slow steady incline whereas I see so many others having huge breakthroughs and epiphanies and try not to be envious of their huge leaps forward.

As the end of the year brought a few emotional releases and that led to me damaging my back and causing an inch and a half pelvic drop, I knew that this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Consequently, I enjoyed a few bedridden weeks to contemplate my navel. Removing the tension that I was holding in my root chakra, or rather my ass, to be blunt, was necessary before I could get to the core of my issue. Two months later and a book falls into my hands whilst visiting the lovely town of Hay-on-Wye. The many books shops stuffed to bursting with books and how is it the right one just falls off the shelf? I bought it because I thought it would help me as I am at the point of trying to lay out my book and do as much pre-publishing work as I can before it goes to print. Little did I know it would offer far more than technical help.

It was Brandon Bays “The Journey”; even the title was similar. I was looking on the astrology shelf to see how broad that section would go and if my book would fit. To be honest I think it had been moved to the wrong section as it had no astrological connections at all. Funny how these things come about.

In the book she talks about healing her beachball sized tumour and then how she goes on to create a healing method for all. It is the most powerful journey and an extremely important healing tool and the sooner we learn to recognise its truth as a culture we will all benefit.

She goes on to teach people how to release their pain, pain that they have often been holding on to since childhood and release symptoms both physical and emotional in the most profound way.

This book became the subject of many conversations and one of the most profound was when discussing the decline of our NHS with my parents and how our government was intent on breaking it up. When my father asked if, in the future when our government has completely dismantled it, we were capable of recreating it in the same way we had brought it to life in the first place, I replied that I didn’t think we had the post-war blitz spirit necessary to want to spend that amount of money and also that medicines and operations are now so expensive it is almost impossible with the budget our government puts aside. This was my third dimensional head speaking.

Then I thought maybe this is the blessing. Maybe as we begin to lose the NHS we will, out of desperation, turn to alternatives such as Brandon Bays healing methods and realise that there is a better a way; a way that doesn’t involve going under the knife or filling our bodies with terrible poisons labelled ‘medicine’. I realised that we will soon look back at this era as a truly dark age and that the answer is actually already here if enough people are ready to trust themselves and stop putting their power into the those that wield it.

We have dumbed down our energy for too long and now we are being asked to reawaken and shine and know that we are all self-healing beings and if we are willing to step into our feeling senses, into our bodies and get out of our heads, all the answers are there.

I know I need help getting there, into my body, so I can listen to it and hear its wisdom. But I also know that as I already know what I am hoping for and desire it, the end is in sight. I also know that as I work through this there are many way ahead of me and many following close behind.

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