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The Pantomime of Politics

pantopantoWhat has happened to our politics? I know it’s always been a farce but these days it seems beyond ridiculous. I’m trying to get my head around it now but we all know how incredibly complicated it is.

Science and quantum physics tells us that everything is connected and although it appears we are separate, that is the illusion and we are in fact one body interacting like individual cells in the body of the human race.

Just like the atomic structure of the universe, energy wants to find a state of balance. All chemical elements in our universe try to move to the middle ground so, for instance, an element that has a low atomic number is very unstable (out on the limb of our periodic table) will easily bond with another to form more complex structure and so become more stable. Whereas the elements with high atomic numbers such as uranium, which are also unstable being out on the opposite limb of the table, are trying to break down in order to reach that state of stability and balance which is held by elements such as lead with elemental numbers holding the middle ground. And so our universal order adheres to this way of working, on a general level. Of course there are always exceptions but humans, en masse, do not tend to be exceptional beings as yet, only as individuals. I do, however, hold the belief that we could be.


We are at the moment at the very unstable situation of some humans having very high numerical numbers attached to them and some very low. This of course creates instability and those with any view of the bigger picture of the race as a whole can see that.

What stops us from attempting to reach a place of stability is fear, fear of our potential, I believe.

What would happen if everyone had enough to eat and a roof over their heads and enough money to get by. What indeed. The fact is there actually is enough for everyone but we have a sickness in our society. It starts with fear and ends with greed and addiction.  It is the addiction to money, hoarding great sums of it, that means many others do not have enough to live.

You would think that those with not enough to get by, would want to vote for a political party that helps those with little. You might also think, as there are so many with not enough and only a few with far too much, how is it that the party that only helps those with far too much continually gets into power.

This is the state of our world party politics and I am trying not to be awe of those that have continued to make it stay this way for so long. You have to hand it to them, to keep people in the dark for so long takes power, energy, manipulation and most of all fear. Of course these all need money too. It is an amazing feat and of course it is an insanity. However, most of the population are too caught up in their own fear of either losing their hoards or trying to keep their heads above water to see what is really going on to think of choosing a better way. That is, of course, the crux of it. While most people are drowning in the insanity of the merry-go-round of our society’s needs only a few have the ability to raise their heads enough to see what is really happening. It takes a broad minded attitude to be able to see a world that can be for the good of all and I feel, we are still very much in the minority with those who wish to conserve (dictionary meaning: to hoard, store up) the old way. What does it mean to be conservative, dictionary meaning is: to be conventional, die-hard, guarded and reactionary. Not good attributes to lead our world, or to be led, into a free and beautiful state of balance and harmony.

Once you step off the merry-go-round all becomes clear, but of course not in a good way.

Recently we have seen that Kids Company, an amazing project that created a safe haven for thousands of our youths in need, has been shut down for the sake of a few million and on the other side I remember banks being upheld by billions. Are we a society that wants to be seen to be looking after corruption in our banks or the young people who are the consequence of this corruption. What is this saying to our young? I sense that even the austere Victorians took better care of Barnados than we are of its off spring, Kids Company. Whatever problems the company encountered, and I’m sure there were many, surely we owe the children a better outcome.

I left the Labour party after they stopped being a Labour party about a decade ago though  still dream of the party getting back to its purpose of serving the people and not the corporations.

Now I am outside of it and watching the craziness of fear at work as so many try to stop the left becoming left again. I am saddened and bemused. I am holding on to faith and wanting to believe that the new generation will bring us back to our senses, too young to have a huge vested interest in a lot of material wealth as yet, I hold to the idea that they will not be dragged fully into the madness. As we head towards the party leadership votes, the media tells us that some people are being prevented from joining because of their, so called, subversive ideals, being too left wing and others are joining the Labour party, as conservatives, to try and sabotage the outcome by voting for the left wing politician, thinking they will create a party too left wing to get voted in. This is debatable, I’m hoping people are nearly ready if the right party was in place to vote for. But either way, the concept of actually doing this leaves me flabbergasted.

As I remember not to believe a word I hear from the media I soon hear a story that some young conservatives really are doing this crazy thing. The problem is that, to me, they are actually voting for sense, the irony is not lost on me. Then as we hear that these saboteurs, who are voting for the left are being weeded out we all cheer for the upholding of justice but in fact as the true left-wingers are still being excluded form voting the right wing has won again.

I watch as the house of cards fall again.

I keep saying it obviously has to get really bad before people fall into such chaos that they will stop and see what is really happening. Those of us in the middle, like standing on the middle of a see-saw need to just hold onto our sanity.

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