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A Vote for Life

   I’m not sure if you were aware but there is about to be a referendum in our country?

No, I’m not joking, there are some people who are not aware. Something inside me wants to say

good on them. If you can remain that obvlivious to the political world that takes some doing.

I have been trying to keep my head out of the papers and news channels for so long now but it’s impossible to ignore if you are concerned about the world, the country you live in and the people you share it with. And, of course, voting is so important.

            I am concerned with all these things but I try to keep my view point as wide as possible. I am very much part of the ‘in’ campaign because everything that I am working and living for is about love and connection. It is true that the EU is far from perfect but I believe it is easier to make positive changes from within. I know that many feel that because things are not good in the UK, it would be better to leave. But, when you consider all the information we are being fed, whether it is true or not, I don’t believe leaving is the answer. Our issues are of a more internal nature.


           I began to feel that everything was getting very confused. It seemed that every day brought a new viewpoint and the possibility of a change of direction. I felt like I was looking with a magnifying glass to begin with and with each step I took away from the starting point a different image would come into view. I did hear someone give some compelling evidence about some political issue about TTIP and how leaving would help in that case. However, I soon came to the realisation that the minutia, irrespective of how important their place in this huge issue is, cannot take precedence over the whole big picture we are about to paint.

            I feel when it comes down to it there are only two ways of looking at it; those that have love in their hearts and want to make a world that can carry everyone and those that live in a state of fear. These are the people that put out hate campaigns and it is very easy, in these times, to be drawn in. It is important to keep our heads and remember what kind of world we want to create around us. For a hundred years our fore fathers have been fighting against an England that was built for the aristocracy. The

Britain that was great trampled all over the world and oppressed its people with our, apparently, better ways of living. As our kingdom shrank, our karma was to receive all these peoples, whose lives we altered in many ways back to their ‘homeland’. In return we have offered a place of refuge with increasing better standards of living. We have improved our racist attitudes our homophobia and most important created an amazing welfare state for all.

            This has all been aided by joining our European neighbours in an attempt to increase the awareness of a gr

eater community that we all can share. We had a huge part in making this happen and it seems madness to think that in such a short time we could be unravelling all the good that we have been building. This unravelling goes back to Thatcher and is still on course but I feel that this referendum is highlighting the whole story in one crazy microcosmic moment.

            Getting caught up in the details, I believe, just increases the stress levels. I do think we can accept this whole e

xperience as a gift. I was told when I had an awakening that we would be asked to choose between the light and the shadow. It was also explained that the world would only reach this point when the shadow and the light were equally matched, for it’s only when the scales are perfectly balanced that we can evolve to a better way of living. We seemed to be at that point, as though we are being offered a practice run,  where the polls were neck and neck, that we experienced, nationally, a great tragedy. The death of Jo Cox and the loss of the amazing work she did and had yet to do, was a defining moment and I hope in time when the grieving has been work

ed through that it will be seen that she didn’t die in vain. The bigger story offers the view that at that state of balance we had to step back from the campaigning and now it is up to us to vote from the heart as that is the only place we can really know how to feel. Without the lies and statistics it is here that we can rely on a deeper understanding of the whole. It is time to stop thinking about a world as made up of individuals but as a community that has enough to embrace all its inhabitants and then we can start creating a governing state that reflects that. This is our chance to vote for life.

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