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..."I was fortunate enough to discover Vicki at a particularly difficult time in my life.
I was experiencing a very deep level of turmoil and felt incredibly imbalanced,
finding the very act of everyday wellbeing a struggle. I was invited to one of 
Vicki's harp recitals, to hear the 'Keys to the Golden City'. Listening to the music
she played, and hearing the messages that she wove through the performance,
was a profoundly moving experience, and I felt a deep level of healing. 
I always say that I went into her recital feeling 'Nine Inch Nails', and came out
feeling fully rejuvenated, with a deep knowing that the Universe indeed loves me
and wants the best for me. I can honestly say that this was one of a few pivotal
turning points in my life. Since that evening my life has been a blessing, and I feel
positivity radiating from deep within. I have heard Vicki on a number of occasions
since then, and every time I listen I find further truths revealed and further blessings
received. It really was amazing and I have such gratitude for Vicki for this gift of
change and healing"...

Tori Sutton Bristol, UK


Music Testimonials

"I receive about a dozen albums a week, 

Sutura's album gave me the hairs

on the back of the neck moment, 

the first time I played it, beautiful,

relaxing, stunning."

Mike Ganley, Swindon FM


“Sutura’s music is beautiful, uplifting, and full of life!..  

your music is a gift to all of us.” 

Laurie DesJardins, KVMR Nevada City


 Book Reviews


This book took me by surprise as, quite unexpectedly, it affected me deeply. I had bought it with the idea of giving it to friends as I am a sceptic when it comes to things “spiritual” or supernatural. (Having been brought up in a staunchly atheistic home - my father even wrote and had published a book about his rejection of religion and anything that could not be proved scientifically - I find it hard to shift from this viewpoint.)

What I love about the book is the gentleness of the author’s personality that radiates through it. She doesn’t preach and she is accepting of other people’s beliefs and their need to question. She writes with refreshing honesty and lack of pretentiousness and she has a straightforward, easy-to-read style of writing, which I value. I especially like the way she acknowledges the scientific community and welcomes the merging of science and spiritual belief, which I agree, is something that seems to be happening (with the search for a “theory of everything” and recent developments in particle physics). One day, I am sure we will all understand ourselves and our relationship with the cosmos much better.

What surprised me most about reading this book is that I felt the evidence of the author’s claim to have healing abilities. I actually felt an emotional and physical warmth while reading certain pages. I was feeling quite low at the time and her words were a comfort in a way I hadn’t expected and very much appreciated.

As someone who is still on a search for inner peace, harmony and fulfilment (it’s eluded me so far) I found this book very encouraging. With a link to some beautiful music to download (the multi-talented author sings songs she has written and performs along with her own harp-playing accompaniment) this book is very good value and I have no hesitation in recommending it.
Anna, Bristol

'Journey to the Golden City is a powerful personal story of one person's lived experience of discovery of both the deeper and transcendent levels of life. With an openness, oftentimes an appropriate scepticism, and a blossoming intuitive intelligence, Vicki proceeds on her journey one step - sometimes many - at a time and connects consistently and evermore deeply with her special talent and purpose as a musician and as “the healer" as musician. On her way she is discovering the universal truths embedded in the astrological paradigm, as they relate to, enhance and enlighten her own individual life and she recounts her experience with an infectious warmth and enthusiasm for the healing power of connecting with deeper understanding.’ 

Suzi Harvey is co-author with the late Charles Harvey of Sun Sign, Moon Sign and The Principles of Astrology.

'Reading Vicki speaking her truth in this book, the first line of the I Ching hexagram, Union, springs to mind. ‘Fundamental sincerity is the only proper basis for forming relationships. This attitude, symbolised by a full earthen bowl, in which the content is everything and the empty form nothing, shows itself, not in clever words but in the strength of that which lies in the speaker.’

Vicki’s golden Leo-rising, heart-warming story introduces us, in her own angelic Piscean way, to something very profound and deep that I suspect will become a major player in our future, for who can argue with the healing quality of music?

 Vicki believes in peace, health and happiness, this is why Vicki’s optimistic enthusiasm and healing music has such charm. Read her story and maybe she will give you the confidence to find your own peace and tell your own story. It seems to me the more stories we can hear the better we will understand each other and gaining understanding of all of us in our amazing variety seems to me to be something worth attempting.'

  Chrissy Philp author of The Golden City is a master of the I Ching and astrology and holds an MA with the Sophia Centre.



Some of the many Journey Testimonials

‘An evening of epiphanies’, ‘Truly inspiring’, ‘Pure magic’.


Healing CD Testimonials

The CD transports me to that place of healing where I can

listen to my own wisdom and find my own intuition.

I find that reaching this place this is the only thing

which helps me gain positivity and hope.

 Jilly, Trowbridge.


Sometimes soothing, sometimes uplifting but always nourishing. 

This music has the power to help heal the body through the soul.

Jim, Langport.


I found it one of the most calming pieces that I have ever listened to. 

Each time I listen I feel that I am walking into a Japanese garden -

like that Monet painting with the bridge and the water lilies.

There is a sense of quiet and freedom.....

it takes me down to a different level.

Sue, near Cardiff



Workshop Testimonials

I feel I now have a deeper understanding of the astrological cycle and how this fits with my own lifecycle and mother earths cycles too. 

I had the opportunity to 'go within' feeling I was safely supported in the process to observe & feel and honour in a completely non judgemental way where I am with certain aspects of my being and life. 

This bought me much clarity as to positive ways I can make subtle changes to my thinking and being in order to flow with my life in a more authentic and honest way in the future. Throughout the workshop I felt supported and safe to share and express my truth with everyone which really enhanced the experience over the 2 days.

Sue Parsons, Yoga Teacher and 'Calm Kids' Facilitator, Chippenham Wilts


The weekend was gorgeous and very enjoyable experience.  I particularly liked the opportunity to express with colour and crayons and felt there was an upliftment of energies after everyone did this.  (We were all very mellow beforehand it seemed).  It gave us a boost of energy for the afternoon.  The songs, sound and structure was beautifully placed and flowed sweetly.  Thank you for such a lovely opportunity to enjoy your creation..... 

Ariana, Glastonbury


What a deep and joyful experience the weekend was, bringing for me an even greater awareness and understanding of the astrological cycle and the magical healing and relaxation brought through your skill of marrying sound to beautiful and insightful words.Thankyou for sharing the birth of this important key with us.

Lynn Glenister, Langport





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